A Complete Solution for Buying & Shipping from Indonesia

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Service 1

For visitors to Bali

Since 1986 Graven Image has been committed to the development and production of Indonesian products. Our history is grounded in exhibiting products through international trade shows. We can meet the requirements of retailers, wholesalers, interior designers, hoteliers, charitable trusts and private buyers.

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Service 2

Orders can be placed directly through our website catalogue Simply create your list directly by selecting products through the  catalogue , orders can be sent either through email or  placed on a spreadsheet

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Time saving...
As your Buying Agent we can save you time. Our experienced sourcing team will transport you swiftly and directly to all the principal manufacturing locations. The ordering procedure can be processed and completed within a matter of days.

Product locations...
We currently deal with over 500 suppliers and are familiar with all aspects of local manufacturing, including raw materials, competitive pricing and production time frames..
Our introduction service enables you to easily source and develop new products within a matter of days.

Understanding your needs..
Since every buyer has their own different requirement or buying strategy, A Buying Agent should be able to place itself inside each buyers needs. The quality control procedures should ensure that the product matches the order, for the correct specification price and paint finish.
Special packing requirements such as labeling, or the packaging of individual products should be the Buying Agents responsibility. The arranging for bar coding systems if required should also be included.
Graven Image has over twenty years of experience. Our quality of Service means a quality product.


Next Steps...

This is should be a prospective customer's number one call to action, e.g., requesting a quote or perusing your product catalog.